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Classic Car Financing and Loans is devoted to providing resources for the most up-to-date and accurate information available on Classic Car Financing and Classic Car Insurance.  We are based out of Knoxville, TN.  I am an ASE Certified Technician with an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology.  I have worked in the automotive industry since 1988, and have experience in Dealership Parts and Service Departments, Wholesale and Retail parts stores, Independent and Chain Service and Repair shops, Aftermarket Remanufacturers/Rebuilders, and Specialty High Performance Design and Sales firms.  I have built hot rods from the ground up with my own two hands, and currently own several classic/specialty cars.  In other words, I am a true “car guy”!!!

I also Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Economics and Finance.

If you are purchasing a classic car that is valuable enough to consider financing, then you should also be doing a little research on classic car insurance, so I also have provided information on classic car insurance companies and classic car insurance quotes, too.  To help make an informed decision about financing your classic car, check out my Classic Car Loan Alternatives page also!

I hope you enjoy the information I have collected here, and I hope it proves informative for you.  Please feel free to email me at Keith at classiccarfinancingandloans dot com.

Thanks, and Have A Great Day!!!!!!


P.S:    This website is intended for informational purposes only, and is not meant to encourage or promote the use of debt.  I certainly would not recommend financing a classic car that you don’t have the means to pay cash for if you wanted to.  I strongly believe that financing should only be used as a tool, not  as a means to purchase something you cannot afford.  Personally, my family and I subscribe to the Dave Ramsey way of life:

“The rich rules over the poor.  And the borrower is servant to the lender.”  Proverbs 22:7, NKJ

I personally believe that debt in any form is a bad idea.  Sometimes in life nowadays, debt is a necessary evil, such as when purchasing a home or possibly starting a business, but it is still an evil.  We have a mortgage on our home, but that is the only debt we have.  We “cut the cord” on credit cards and auto loans after we went through Dave Ramsey’s 13 Week Financial Peace University at our church in 2007.  I will never tell someone that it was easy, as my wife and I both took on second jobs to pay off our car loan and to save money for some “extras” that we wanted (she wanted a new living room suite and new carpet, I wanted a second garage!).

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University has changed our lives in a positive way.  We now have six months of expenses in savings and have paid cash for all the vehicles we currently own.  We only use credit cards for convenience sake and pay them off every month when the bill comes.  Like the title of Dave’s course says, there is peace in knowing that when life’s little emergencies pop up, we have money in the bank to cover them.

I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s course.